Become a real barista for your own latte!

I am a huge coffee fan, how can I not with my crazy kids running about at 6am in the morning, I drink about 3 cups a day, morning is a must, afternoon on my work lunch break, and just before I go home to the little rascals.


We all know that when baristas prepare our coffee drinks, especially the latte, it looks like a piece of cake. They seem like having fun with it and we always imagine ourselves doing the same. Some of us may have tried and only when behind the counter, at the espresso machine, we have realized how many things can go wrong when preparing a nice latte (or at least aiming to). There is the milk that may not be steamed, as it should, there’s the espresso shot that might end up totally watery, there is all the mess we may make around while trying to pour liquids quickly into a cup. So, is there a way to become a Pro when preparing a tasteful and pretty latte? Apparently yes. Follow the below steps:

1. Choose the right beans.

When preparing your latte you will need to start by the espresso shot. But hat makes an espresso shot appropriate for the latte? They say that any type of coffee bean is right for it, but the truth is that, as this shot is going to be mixed up with milk afterwards, thus its taste is going to soften down, it is better if you choose strong flavored beans, dark roasted ones, especially if Italian.

2. Grinding the coffee.

As soon as you have the right beans on your hands, you will need to grind to have your espresso shot. If you think that any grinding is good for the matter, you are wrong because the grind affects directly the consistency and the taste of the espresso shot. A very strong one will fit better for the latte, which means that you need to aim for the finest grind possible from your machine. Find out what is the finest size of grinding for your machine and use that any time you grind coffee for latte.

3. Tamping before brewing.

This is very important even though when people make coffee drinks at home they usually do not give big importance to this step. You should be able to put a pressure of approx. 30 pounds on the coffee before putting it in the espresso machine for brewing. Doing so, you will be able to get a creamy espresso shot that has the right taste.

4. Creamy hot milk

Now it is the time to steam the milk carefully, trying to get that creamy foam effect that will give an extra taste to your latte. Be careful because the milk has to be steamed yet not reaching 160F, as it may loose its qualities and even burn. This is the final touch, which should be handled carefully to have the much desirable hot latte on that wintery morning at home.

How do you make yours?

A Little Bit About Air Fryers

air-fryer-bestHow can your fry your food with air?

Everyone is on that health scare fad still it seems. People are grasping at any of the new diets that they can get their hands on, and banning any food they find on the shelf containing a certain ingredient. One of the easiest ones to avoid since all of this though are the really fatty foods. You know the ones that taste the best—the fried foods.

We are trying to avoid frying our foods as much as we can. We use minimal oil when we can or eliminate them from our own personal menu completely while were constructing our perfect diet.

But what if I told you there is way that you can eat your fried foods still, and not worry about gaining 3 lbs. after doing it?

The kitchen appliance industry understands that this is how American eat today. They know that we are trying our best to avoid those really fatty foods but sometimes its nearly impossible. So they came up with a new innovative technology to fry our food without adding an extreme amount of oil to it—The Air Fryer!


An Air Fryer is the newest and most exciting cooking gadget to come out in a long time, and it’s a real shame that most people aren’t even aware of it.

Air Fryers use hot air circulation technology to completely cook your entire food by use of only heated air. Eliminating the process of dunking your foods into a hot tub of fatty oils, this allows you to enjoy fried food still, while maintaining a healthy diet in moderation.


Yes! Without the use of heavy cooking oils you are taking out all that fat that latches onto your foods when you stick them in a deep fryer.

Using only heated air at high temperatures to heat your food to proper temperatures. It is the healthiest way you can fry your food while still maintaining that great taste we all love and crave.

Air Fryer will open so many new doors for you and your culinary skills, with many great recipes to go along with them and the ability to heat up anything from all the different types of meats that we cook with to frozen vegetables and fries. You can create deliciously healthy meals— daily with an air fryer.

Some of the biggest electronic brands out there offer you their model of an Air Fryer, like Phillips and Cuisinart!

What are you seriously waiting for? Are you still not sure about whether or not an Air Fryer is really for you…? Before you buy please check an air fryer review.

Reset Your Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal won’t kick on.

  • You have checked for any major clogs or plugs – Nothing
  • You have tried to turn your switch on/off – Nothing
  • You checked your homes fuse box – Nothing at all

So what is left for you to do, besides calling a professional?

Put down the phone, there is one more task you can do. And its as easy as pressing a button

But first lets look at why your garbage disposal isn’t working.

Reset Your Garbage Disposal

Overloading Your Garbage Disposal

There are times when you may over loaded your disposal unit, causing it to jam. The electric motor that rotates your grinders or blades is exerting high rpms. If the motor becomes jammed the electricity that is being allowed to the motor can overload it and fry your entire unit by over heating it.

Running with no water

Another way you can potentially over heat your garbage disposal is by running it without any water flow. Letting your disposal run dry for an extended period can cause the motor run continuous without and flow being added to it, over time the friction will increase your motors temperature and can cause serious damage.

Automatic Reset Button

To prevent this from occurring your garbage disposal comes with an automatic “safety switch”. This switch will engage when the electrical current being sent to your motor exceeds a set limit. This switch will break off the circuit inside, cutting off any electrical source to your garbage disposal.

The will also cause a chain reaction to pop out your reset button, located underneath your disposal unit.

  • Check to see if your button is popped out
  • Remove anything that caused the jam safely, with the main switch OFF
  • If ran dry, run some cold water through it while it is still OFF. Once cooled down you can proceed

If you find that your rest button is popped out underneath your disposal unit, and you have given about 5-10 minutes to cool down. Press the reset button back in. this will reset the internal breaker, and engage the circuit completely again, allowing electric currents to flow and energize your motor.

If after pushing the reset button, your best garbage disposal still will not operate correctly, than it is time for you to call for professional help

Stop Snoring: Is Surgery The Only Way?

OK everyone, I have to admit I am a snorer, my wife hates it, so I am going to start doing something about it, I have tried every stop snoring mouthpiece, and non seem to work. I have researched it a lot and thought I would writer about the surgery part of it, which looks like the route I will have to take.


If you suffer from snoring it may be assumed that surgery is the only way you can stop it. Most of us are able to decrease our symptoms by simply using an anti-snoring mouthpiece.

While others may opt for a painful surgery where you risk more damage than good. It is important that surgery is not your first instinct, but you should understand the different options you have.

Pillar Surgery

The least invasive surgery, the Pillar Surgery, is done under local anesthesia and only takes about 20 minutes in your doctor’s office. In this procedure the doctor will insert about five different polyester fiber pillars about an inch long are installed into your soft palate.

After about 3 months to a year scar tissue will begin to harden your soft palate and thereby decrease your throat vibrations.

There are not many issues that arise with this procedure, however, you can expect a severely sore throat to make swallowing and speaking difficult, and can give you an overall uncomfortable feeling.

Radiofrequency Palatoplasty Surgery

With this surgery, you go through a procedure that is based closely to the Pillar Surgery mentioned above. In this procedure they use an electrical current instead. Inserting a specialized device that shrinks and hardens your uvula and soft palate. This procedure only takes about 5-10 minutes to complete with a short recovery time of 3 days or less.

One of the most common complaints past receivers have stated that it causes a painfully sore throat. Your snoring symptoms will reduce within four months, but you may still need more treatment to get the results you want.

Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty [UPPP] Surgery

UPPP is one of the most invasive procedures that you can have performed. In order to open your airway, parts of your uvula, adenoids, tonsils, soft palate, and pharynx could be removed. This allows you airway to stay free of obstructions with an average recovery time of three weeks. Expect a lot of pain and inflammation during those weeks.

Adenoidectomy / Tonsillectomy

In a lot of cases, snoring is caused by oversized adenoids or tonsils. If this is your case, then you may have to receive surgery to have them removed. This surgery is performed while you are sedated under general anesthesia with a typical recovery time of about two weeks. Expect soreness and swelling during the recovery.

Injection Snoreplasty Surgery

This is the most detailed and therefore most invasive surgery you can get to stop your snoring. During this procedure Sodium Tetradecyl Sulfate is injected with other types of hardening agents into your soft palate. You then will begin to form blisters after a couple of days which work to harden your soft palate. Expect severe discomfort that lasts for many days after having this surgery performed.

What Should You Do?

Of course we all want our snoring to end as soon as possible, and although these methods may seem like the answer—there are a lot of negatives. Recovery times for all of these surgeries can be very discomforting, and can take longer than expected. Not only that but surgeries give you a massive medical bill when they are finished.

With an anti-snoring mouthpiece, you can stop your snoring the night you receive one. Though minor soreness can be expected, it saves you time and pain in a much more effective way.

Discover all the different types of anti-snoring mouthpieces to see if you can find one that fits you just right, before you decided on a surgery.

Rubik Cube Review

admin   April 11, 2016   No Comments on Rubik Cube Review

Rubik Cubes, as initially named the Magic Cubes by the inventor Erno Rubik, has been around for more than 40 years now. There have been 350 million Rubik Cubes sold out around the world during that duration and according to a rumor every 1 out of 7 people throughout the world have played with this toy at some point in their lives which according to me is absolutely true. Even though I’m a dad now but I still love games and toys which have a challenge to offer and I like solving their puzzles on my own and sharing my experience through writing reviews about them, as I do with different gadgets and technologies. When I was offered a Rubik Cube by the John Adam, the current producers and distributors of Rubik Cubes, I took the job for the sole purpose of enjoying the thrill while I figure it out.


I still remember my experience with this toy from the time when I was a kid, how I and my friends would challenge each other to solve the cube, and how it would take us weeks and months while doing so. The cubes back in those days use to have stickers for every color on it which could be peeled off and re-arranged to make it look like you’ve done the impossible. I did make a fool out of my friends a couple of times but also did complete the task for the sake of personal satisfaction.

For the last ten years, there are competitions being held in the UK for the exclusive purpose of competition among various “speedcubers”. The completion is held at the beginning of November each year which features various competitions with respect to different types of Rubik Cubes like 2×2, 4×4, 5×5 and the most popular 3×3 which I’m going to review. The other thrilling categories include solving the cube, blindfolded and another one in which the cube is re-organized by using nothing but the feet. The best record for the later one is 42.89 seconds. If you think solving the Rubik Cube with your feet within 42.89 seconds is amazing then meet the speedcubers who can solve the 3×3 cube in just 9 seconds with their hands. The world record for completing the Rubik Cube in the shortest time is held by Collin Burns from the U.S.A who completed the job in just 5.25 seconds during a competition held in 2015.

As I of me, I struggled with the cube for a whole week and was only able to organize one and then I was afraid that if I’ll try the others, the one side completed successfully will go out of tune. Afterwards as usual, I turned to the internet where I was able to find a lot of helping material on the Rubik’s website that gave me the basic understanding of how to solve the cube. You can also look out for a lot of training material available on YouTube for the cause.

My experience with the cube as a product has been very fine, as the cube is a lot smoother and easier to twist as compared to the ones I had back in the days. You don’t have to struggle with the blocks getting jammed when you’re twisting and the overall experience is very fine. Each block is colored with a plastic front which means no more sticker and no more cheating; it also makes the cube more durable. It is also very reasonably priced at $12.99 RRP.

Tefal Cook4me Multi-Cooker Review

downloadWhen you’re a working parent, you have to juggle with a lot of work and manage all the needs of your kids within a given time, with no extension or relaxation. While you’re multi-tasking the crap out of everything, a little help in the kitchen can be a dream come true. A month ago we were provided with a Tefal cook4me multi-cooker for a product review and below are some of the things, this genius product helped us out with to successfully save and manage time in the kitchen.

Tefal Cook4me multi-cooker is one of a kind intelligent cooker which reduces the cooking time duration because of its speed cooking features and also offers a built-in guide which helps you on every step during the preparation of some of the classic recipes. The different types of cooking that this multi-cooker can successfully complete are:

  • Simmering
  • Browning
  • Steaming
  • Reheating
  • and, Pressure Cooking.

The looks of Tefal Cook4me are extremely modern with a colorful digital screen on the front and shiny black and silver colored surface. The lid is very easy to lock and unlock as compared to the regular pressure cookers, you just have to turn the lock and unlock icon on the lid for the given purpose which feels kind of futuristic. The container size is reasonably big which can accommodate cooking for 6-7 people and the looks of this cooker doesn’t bother you to put it in a cabinet; you can simply leave it out on the shelf for a display. The user manual consists of more than 50 delicious food recipes and offers easily understandable operating instructions with written content and labeled diagrams. 30 out of 50 pre-set recipes that come along with the cooker can be cooked in just 15 minutes, which also includes chicken tikka masala and a pre-set for making some delicious ribs, and even some famous deserts.

As I mentioned earlier, the size of the cooker can bring up a storage issue but me and my wife thought about using its only flaw as a plus and cooked a whole chicken in it, and as expected the 6-liter container handled the job perfectly. We were also able to cook more effectively by following the instructions of the built-in preset for Pot Roast Cider Chicken. Tefal Cook4Me multi cooker also made things easier by keeping us updated at every step from browning to pressure cooking. The lid did not get to open for inspection of the food that conserved the internal pressure and temperature of the cooker which in turn cut the cooking time by half. Once the cooking is completed the cooker beeps to let you know that the food is ready, in case you’re not able to respond because of your engagement with some other stuff, the built-in feature of the cooker will keep the food warm instead of burning or over-cooking it. Less burned food on the walls of the cooker also means less time it will take to wash it afterward. From step by step cooking to easy and understandable features, Tefal Cook4Me multi cooker is a dream come true.